The Rehab Kredit Kft introduction

To whom it may concern, Rehab - Kredit Kft. is operating in Füzesgyarmat, in Northern Békés County, using its business unit located in the centre of the town. The limited liability company (Kft.) was founded in 2006 in order to undertake jointly with the 'Ösvény Esélynövelő Alapítvány' the business unit of Start Rehabilitációs Vállalat (Start Rehabilitation Company) in Füzesgyarmat. The actual work started, jointly with the foundation from 1st November 2006. Ösvény Esélynövelő Alapítvány employs the workers, while the Kft. provides the orders and the business unit.

The business unit of Rehab - Kredit Kft. is located on area with a size of nearly 2500 m 2 in the centre of Füzesgyarmat; the real estate located on the land is equipped with all public utilities and necessary infrastructure. The building itself has a useful floor space of nearly 470 m 2, a separate shower room for men and women, dining facility and rest area. The building's floor is equipped with floor covering, and majority of the building is tiled, as it used to be operated as a slaughter facility and later on as a school kitchen. The company has electric and manual forklifts and two utility vehicles. For larger scale storage tasks we also offer an external storage facility (old barn, therefore the premises are dry and free from dust); upon the arrival of truck loads of goods we are able to store the products here, where from smaller trucks deliver the goods to the business unit.

Currently we are employing 73 employees, and this staff number at this business unit can be increased up to a maximum of 150 employees, by using multiple shifts. Our employees currently assembling electronic units for the order of a company based in Budapest (the hard- item of security gates is assembled at the premises; the task contains blanking and soldering procedures), we also manufacture toroidal coils and carry out manual coil winding and plastic vacuum shaping.

The,, company group" has a technical manager, who used to work for one of the quality inspection departments of IBM, and the assembly takes place under the control and guidance of this expert.

As we mainly employ people with disability, we are able to undertake jobs under the market prices. We are currently working on obtaining the ISO qualification for our procedures. I would like to note, that we have also got one plant in Biharugra, where similarly to the circumstances of the business unit in Füzesgyarmat we employ a further 30 people. This business unit has a useful floor space of nearly 600 m 2; currently we are manufacturing electric coils for electricity meters and we have also set up a smaller die-casting unit.

The works we have the capability to undertake:

- mainly manual - easy to train jobs (assembly of coils, cable bundling, packaging)

- in the area of electronics manufacturing of toroidal coils

- die-casting of plastic spare parts up to 300 to 400.000 piece

Our major partners:

- Alpla Kft. Körösladány

- Coca Cola Hungary Kft. Dunaharaszti

- Győri Kovács Kft. Balassagyarmat

- Promerce Kft. Budapest

Unfortunately the above companies offer mainly occasional, campaign type works, therefore we are looking for further partners, because the employment of work force with disability is supported by the state, accordingly we are able to undertake jobs at an hourly rate of 1.5 to 3 EUR.

'Ösvény Esélynövelő Alapítvány' is our partner company, which is offering mainly application writing (INTERREG- employment) and tender execution services to its partners. Further info about the foundation at www.osveny.hu.

Hoping that you will find our introduction material useful, and if you have a ny questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours faithfully,

Károly Bere

Managing Director

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